Making the right food choice in the USA

With more than 320 million people, the USA is not exactly short of food. The country is unfortunately known for the obesity of a large part of its population.

How to eat well in the USA ?

In the USA, it will always be very easy to find a large selection of diverse and varied restaurants but also many fast food restaurants. As for the first mentioned, you will have no trouble finding a lot of choices in the big cities as well as good culinary restaurants, even if you will often have to pay the price.

In more remote areas, you may have to become familiar with different eating habits. This can be good or bad news. Who knows, you might like the corn soup with red beans typical of the border regions with Mexico? It is also possible that you do not like it at all…

At worst, you can always count on the local fast food restaurant to satisfy your calorie needs. At your own risk!

Note that if you take a hotel room, you will often find breakfast, lunch and dinner included in the price of the room, which can be useful if you stay in the same place for several days.

Finally, keep in mind that if you are traveling by car through the great American outdoors, the drive to find a place to eat can sometimes be very long.

Tips and tricks

It’s a good idea to get a cooler if you’re going to be away or can’t afford a restaurant or grocery store. This will allow you to eat more balanced than the average American, and at a lower price. Get some ice cream and stock up on everything you need at the nearest supermarket: fruits, vegetables, milk, etc. With a little imagination, you should be able to make any type of salad you want.

In case of difficulty or long trips outside the cities, the picnic option with canned food can also help you out.

Also useful is the fact that you can find Salad Bars everywhere in the USA. These are racks of fresh salads with the sauce of your choice that you can eat with bread and cheese if you feel like it. There are also many chains that offer different food products according to their specialty.

As you can see, it is possible to find everything that will suit you in the United States. Even if, when you go abroad, it is advisable not to have too many expectations. The surprises are even better!