How much does a visa to the USA cost?

All persons planning to travel to the United States must ensure that they have a USA visa.

In addition to the purchase of airline tickets and the reservation of accommodation, there are additional costs associated with the US visa. To help you optimize your budget and avoid any unpleasant surprises when applying for a visa, we will go over the price of a visa for the USA in this article.

USA Visa: a fixed price?

Applying for a USA visa is a mandatory step before being able to travel to the United States, whether it is a tourist visa for a few weeks, an internship, studies or employment.
U.S. visa prices vary depending on the purpose of your stay. Also, applicants must ensure that they meet all the required criteria to qualify for the desired visa category.
For example, people wishing to travel to the United States for tourism, to visit family or friends, or even to receive medical care, will need to apply for a B visa which costs $160. The H visa for temporary workers or interns is $190. Those traveling to the United States to marry their U.S. fiancé(e) or spouse will have to pay a hefty $265.

It should be noted that additional fees may be added to the US visa price:

  • SEVIS fees: for H or F student visas;
  • reciprocity fee: depending on the applicant’s citizenship and the type of visa.

Note: If you are eligible for the Visa Waiver Program, the fee for this permit is much lower than a visa.

How to proceed with the payment of the USA visa?

Payment is made at the time of application for the USA visa, through the website of the US embassy and consulates.

You must first create an online account and complete the DS-160 form before you can proceed with the payment of your USA visa application fee.

  • By card: payment online or by phone, in both cases you need a credit card to pay the US visa fee;
  • By electronic bank transfer: please allow 3 working days for your payment to be taken into account and appear in the system.

Visa paid, visa secured?

Payment of your application fee does not guarantee that you will receive your U.S. visa. Once your request has been validated, you will receive an e-mail with the following details how to obtain a visa for the United States In other words, the documents you need to gather to complete your file (your electronic or biometric passport in particular) before your appointment at the embassy or consulate with a U.S. government official.

Regardless of whether your application is accepted or denied, the fee for a USA visa application is non-refundable. In this regard, if your first application is refused, you can renew it, but you will have to pay the corresponding USA visa fee again.