What is there to see and do in California?

Planning an itinerary in a country as large as the United States can be a complicated task because there are so many Great cities and regions to visit in the USA ! To help you, our travel experts have written a guide to California, the definition of the American dream!

This American state automatically evokes the “American way of life”, a relaxed lifestyle on sunny beaches and a welcoming multi-ethnic culture, attracting millions of travelers every year. This destination offers many possibilities for all types of travelers:

  • Start a road trip on the most mythical roads such as Route 66, the US1 or the Tioga Road;
  • Skiing in the Saint Gabriel Mountains in winter;
  • Participate in a canoe expedition along the 82 kilometers of the “Los Angeles” river;
  • Visit the vineyards located in the hills of Napa Valley to taste local wine;
  • Sunbathing on the countless beaches along the California coast;
  • Swimming in the Pacific Ocean;
  • Enjoy the incredible natural scenery in national parks such as Yosemite, Death Valley, and Sequoia;
  • Have fun alone or with your family in the most famous amusement parks in the world such as Magic Kingdom (Disney), Lego land, Six Flag, or Universal for movie fans;
  • Enjoy the best surfing spots in the entire United States.

Nicknamed the Golden State, California is exactly as you see it in the movies or on television: exuberant, full of life, out of the ordinary, sunny, where you never get bored! It is also home to many of the most famous metropolises in the US.

The City of Angels is known all over the world, whether it is through movies, television series or literature. For many, L.A. is as much a modest frontier city as it is a glittering urban metropolis with many attractions. A true entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles is a dream come true for many travelers every year because of its cinematic and musical atmosphere, the studios, the famous actors and producers! It is unthinkable to stay in California without visiting Los Angeles, even if only for a day.

San Francisco is not to be outdone, an emblematic city that leaves no one indifferent. Among the most popular tourist sites are the famous Alcatraz prison or the gigantic “Golden Gate Bridge”. The “City of the Bay”, as it is known in the USA, is a city with a European influence, which makes San Francisco one of the favorite destinations for French visitors to California. Seasoned travelers describe SF as quirky, traditional yet modern, dynamic and environmentally friendly, and like Los Angeles, enjoys a diverse population.

Located on the American west coast, California is a leading destination for thrill seekers but also an Eldorado for those who wish to immerse themselves in the Hollywood lifestyle for a week or more.