What to visit during a stay in Boston?

Boston is an American city located in the state of Massachusetts, in the northeast of the USA, 300 km north of New York City. It is surrounded by the towns of Chelsea, Quincy and Winthrop.

Because of its size, compared to other cities in the state, it is the capital and cultural center of the New England region. It is also the state capital of Massachusetts.

Boston is accessible by water via its Boston Harbor. It is the home port for cruise ships that take tours to discover the United States and Canada.

Boston in brief

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States, rich in history and tradition. Indeed, many European immigrants arrived in Boston before spreading throughout the country.

Boston is unlike any other American city with its remarkable historic center, where you’ll find a large number of colonial buildings, cobblestone streets and other remnants of the past. Subdivided into many neighborhoods, there is a multitude of sights to see. However, Boston has evolved with the times and also offers a very modern feel.

Boston is also famous for its universities. The city is home to the famous institutions Harvard and MIT. To discover them, several walks are proposed to visitors.

Discovering Boston

A good way to learn about Boston’s history is to follow the red line of the Freedom Trail. On a road about 4 km long, you can discover important monuments such as theOld North Church, the Massachusetts State House, the statue of Benjamin Franklin, the Italian Quarter, the Old Meeting House and the Paul Revere House.

Passing through the residential area of ‘Beacon Hill’, you can admire the charming cobblestone paths, the architecture of the houses with their pretty gardens, etc. It is also possible to buy some old souvenirs in the vintage stores on the main street.

In the Back Bay area, on Copley Square, you may have the opportunity to attend festivals, markets and other events that are common there. Most of the time, simply strolling through the park will be more than enough to keep you happy.

The historical tour continues to the campuses of the famous Harvard and MIT Universities, considered among the best in the world. In the surrounding neighborhoods, a few art, natural history and archaeology museums are worth a visit.

By crossing footbridges, such as the one on Arlington Street, you can quickly access the Esplanade. A refreshing walk along the Charles River is also a must. For baseball fans and the curious, Boston’s iconic Fenway Park is also worth a visit. A museum dedicated to the Red Sox can be visited.

More than ever, visiting Boston is a unique experience unlike any other city you’ll see in the United States.