Is a bicycle tour of the United States possible or is it madness?

It is difficult to move freely in the United States without private transportation. In fact, car rental companies are numerous, and bicycle rental is also common and very trendy among the means of transportation in the United States.

In the US, wherever you go, you can easily rent a bike, and you can find bike tours. The experience is different and it guarantees a better way to fully explore the landscape, a bit like a little walk.

What places can I cycle to?

It’s impossible to list all the beautiful places to explore by bike in the United States. Everything is beautiful, from the big cities, through the countryside to the famous parks such as the Grand Canyon.

Just to name New York, riding around Manhattan, crossing the Brooklyn Bridge or exploring Central Park by bike promises an epic experience. Almost every city road in the United States includes a bike lane. Sometimes bikes and cars mix, but American drivers are very respectful of traffic. However, caution is advised.

Outside the big cities, there are bicycle tours. There are many “bike trails” websites on the Internet that offer different bike routes, alone or in groups, with maps, distances and difficulty levels provided. Travelers have a variety of landscapes to explore: green plains, forests, green or rocky mountains; everything can be done by bike.

The United States is a great country with beautiful places and sights. There is not really a city or a tourist site to prioritize, the difference is in the way the exploration is done. Riding a bike instead of driving a car can change everything and promises a beautiful discovery.

What about the United States?

The idea appealed to many. Some go for a long crossing from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, others opt for a softer tour like the Los Angeles, Chicago or Washington bike tour.

The most courageous take the ultimate road trip from San Francisco to New York, in only 90 days. It’s impossible to describe the feeling of this kind of trip without having tried it. Let’s just say that a bike ride or a huge road trip such as the crossing of the United States always requires a good and meticulous preparation. Hotels, itineraries, costs and expenses; everything must be prepared in advance.