Visit Canada during your stay in the United States

Canada is a country as large as the USA. This country offers enormous tourist potential to visitors arriving on its soil. With a surface area of 9,984,670 km2 and an estimated population of 35,540,400, Canada offers you immense spaces devoid of any human presence. It is easier to enjoy Canada by traveling through the northeastern United States.

Its climate varies according to the region and is characterized by cold winters and cool or temperate and humid summers. The vegetation is composed of several types of forest that offer, if the climate allows it, famous trekking and adventure ‘into the wild’.

On your adventures in one of the many Canadian nature parks, you may come across many animals such as beavers, bears, many types of fish, etc.

In winter, snow and a relatively cold climate invade most of the country. Winter sports can be practiced at will. As a reminder, the Winter Olympics were held there in 2012, in the city of Vancouver.

What documents do I need to enter Canada?

Foreign travellers wishing to return to Canada must have a valid passport.

Citizens of France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Australia and most European countries do not need a visa to enter Canada. An eTA Canada (Electronic Travel Authorization) may be required depending on how you enter Canada.

If you are a French traveler wishing to visit the United States by scheduled flight or by car from Canada, you may stop over in the United States provided you meet the requirements for travel to the United States and have applied for ESTA authorization online.

Hotels, restaurants, transportation in Canada

The country has several types of hotel infrastructure. We don’t sleep under the stars and we eat our fill in Canada. It all depends on your expectations. It should be noted that the cost of living is approximately the same in Paris as in Toronto. In other words, a certain budget is required.

All over the country, you can easily find hotels, youth hostels, apartments for rent with various prices.

As for the restaurants, they offer everything you can find in England. Immigration to Canada is fairly recent, so many first and second generation European immigrants see their restaurants inspired by the best of the old continent.

In the big cities of Canada, we move as we would in London: cab, bus, metro, car rental, without forgetting the campings car, etc. To go from one province to another, there are many means of transportation (airplane, rental car, bus and train) and they offer different types of fares for different destinations and different schedules.

Sites to discover in Canada

There is no shortage of sites and regions to discover in a country as vast as Canada. Here is a non-exhaustive list of places we recommend:

  • Niagara Falls;
  • Banff National Park;
  • Vancouver Island and the city of the same name;
  • Nature getaways at Lake Louise or in the Yukon ;
  • The huge city of Toronto (3rd largest city in North America);
  • The 2 major French-speaking cities of Quebec, Quebec City and Montreal.

So many regions, cities and natural sites that are worth visiting if you plan to travel to Canada from the United States of America.