How do you find accommodation or a hotel for your stay in the USA?

Americans are known to have a great sense of hospitality.

Nevertheless, when visiting the United States with ESTA, you will still need to find accommodation. Couchsurfing, a community that allows you to stay in people’s homes for free in exchange for your good mood, is a popular option. There are many different ways to stay in the USA, depending on your budget. Here is a non-exhaustive list.

Choosing the right accommodation for a trip to the USA

For those on a tighter budget, motels are considered a reference, thanks to 24-hour reception, wi-fi access and breakfast. These small hotels are numerous along the main roads and at the entrance / exit of the cities. Rates at these independent or chain establishments (Quality Inn, Comfort Inn, Red Roof) range from $30 to $90 per night.

Hotels are recommended for those who wish to stay several days in a large city. In this case, motels are also possible but may not offer the necessary comfort. You should choose according to your budget.

The U.S. also has several categories of dining establishments to properly accommodate the many visiting tourists. We recommend an interesting alternative for backpackers: rest in a bed & breakfast.

Finally, there are a lot of more or less acceptable alternatives, with different budgets, such as hostels, Couchsurfing, Airbnb, lodges, beach rentals, cabins, condos, etc.

For those with the tightest budget, another economical tip is to sleep in your car. In fact, some highways and interstates have special rest areas where you can rest in your car. For a better comfort and if your budget allows it, it is nevertheless better to rent a camping site. In this way, you will be able to sleep safely and enjoy the shower and toilet facilities usually offered by this type of establishment.

How to stay at very low cost in the USA

For the more sociable and open-minded people, two very economical options are available: Couchsurfing and the dormitories available in youth hostels.

The principle of Couchsurfing is quite simple: each person registered on the site offers to host a traveler in their home for free, from time to time. In exchange, when you travel by yourself, you will be able to stay for free with a local. The Couchsurfing community is huge in the US, with many opportunities available to you.

As for hostels, they often offer the option of sleeping in dormitories shared with other travelers. These are almost always the cheapest housing options.

Finally, for those of you who plan to stay longer than 3 months in the US with the help of a visa, it is recommended to find accommodation through the classified ads that are often found in local newspapers. A site like craiglist, which is very well known in the United States, is also recommended. You will be able to find a ‘roomate’ and share a flat.