Our Top 10 attractions to see and do in Miami

If this is your first time in Miami, you will quickly realize the enormous tourist potential of this city that is inseparable from your visit to Florida.

With your ESTA document in your pocket, you can go and discover the best Miami has to offer for up to 90 days. A walk on the beach in Miami in the morning with good company, a visit to the museum in the afternoon, a hearty meal in a Cuban restaurant in the evening and a night out at the club. There are countless activities and everyone should find something to do!

Where to start your visit?

Your visit to Miami can start with the discovery of Miami Beach, which is one of the most interesting and popular attractions for visitors. In this area you will find a palm-fringed beach that stretches for several kilometers and is one of the most famous places of its kind in the world.

In the surrounding area, you will find restaurants with a breathtaking view of the waterfront, very clean parks and many nightclubs. You can also enjoy a cruise from the local port, water activities on the bay or a guided tour with amphibious vehicles.

The five poles of attraction in Miami

According to the guidebooks, Miami has five major attractions for tourists:

  • The art deco and the night illuminations that make Miami Beach sparkle, not to mention the large buildings and multiple hotels that do not leave the visitor indifferent;
  • The mythical Ocean Drive, along the sea;
  • The World Erotic Art Museum, a museum that tells you about eroticism, art and also traces the most important cultural diversity of Miami;
  • The New World Center, a space that has become famous for its internationally renowned shows;
  • South Beach, a place that sees thousands of visitors from all over the world every year.

A little more about the city of Miami and its region

The city of Miami has a total of three million inhabitants who share an area of 6297 km2. The population, often Spanish-speaking, can be found in one of the countless neighborhoods of Miami: Coral Gables, Little Havana, Overtown, Coconut Grove, Miami Beach and many others. Note that many of these neighborhoods are located on islands connected by bridges.

Miami is a Latin American city (most directions will still be in English and Spanish) known for its sandy beaches but also for its many modern buildings as far as the eye can see and its very contrasting population.

With many chic hotels and restaurants with architectures from an almost forgotten past, Miami is a popular area for the American film and television industry. You might even stumble upon one of the local blockbusters while in Florida!