Our advice for a safe trip to the United States

You have decided to go to the United States for your next vacation? You have your valid passport, your ESTA in your pocket and you have even booked your plane tickets? Excellent!
Whether you’re going to New York to visit the city that never sleeps or you’re going there for a language study trip, here are our last tips before the big departure in order to be as prepared as possible and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Visits and travel

If your itinerary is not yet precisely defined, one thing is sure: there is no lack of destinations for a visit to the USA! The big cities such as New York are appreciated for their excessiveness, whereas one will seek the softness of life in California. Going away with your family? Florida, with its many amusement parks, will delight young and old alike!

If you don’t limit yourself to one city, you should know that the country is equipped with numerous infrastructures and that it is easy to travel by train, bus or even by plane to cover long distances. For a road trip, a rental car remains the best means of transportation in the United States. In this regard, it is important to note that you do not need to apply for an international license before leaving, as your French driving license is sufficient to rent a vehicle.

Health coverage and foreign exchange

Also consider purchasing travel insurance. It is ideal to opt for a multi-risk insurance that covers part of the care provided in the United States. Unfortunately, the country is known for its very high medical costs. The saying “better safe than sorry” is particularly relevant to a trip to the USA; and it would be a shame if an accident, no matter how small, were to cut into your vacation budget.

On the subject of budgeting, as you know, the currency of the United States is the American dollar. You will have to change your euros into dollars at some point. There are many options for doing this. You can exchange your money before your departure or once you are there: at your bank, at the airport, at a bureau de change or withdraw cash from ATMs.

American culture

Finally, the discovery of another culture is what makes the charm of a trip abroad, and gastronomy is part of it. The fast food, and its numerous representatives that we find here, are of course an essential part of the American cuisine. However, the culinary specialties of the country are not limited to the hamburger or the hot dog. The United States is made up of 50 states, each with its own culinary specialty, from meat to fish, from healthy to junk food, there is something for everyone!

Don’t be surprised if Americans approach you on the street either. The Americans are very welcoming and also curious, a country of immigrants. If this happens to you, it will be an opportunity for you to interact, learn about the culture of the country and practice your English.