What to see and do when visiting Las Vegas?

As the saying goes, Las Vegas is a great place to live. But what is the best time to go there?

To answer this question, it is necessary to take a look at the city of Las Vegas and its surroundings and to take into account the events, seminars and parties that follow one another and drive up prices. Let’s not forget an important point: your resistance or not to a very important heat in summer.

The climate in Las Vegas

Despite its desert climate, Las Vegas is a city that attracts lots of visitors from all over the world. Throughout the year, the temperature is quite varied: it is around 37°C from June to September with peaks in July and August (over 40°C) but can fall to 13°C on average from December to January.

In Las Vegas, rain is rare with sunny weather most of the time (300 days of sunshine). In winter, it happens to see storms followed by relatively important floods. Those who want to go to Las Vegas according to the climate will prefer spring and the months of April to June as well as the fall around September and October.

The moments of great affluence

The times when Sin City is most crowded with tourists are during school vacations, but also during public holidays, events, conventions and various annual seminars around February and March. Poker tournaments, which take place around June and July, are also among the most popular times in Las Vegas.

As a result, the price of hotel rooms soars during certain periods. For New Year’s Eve and Christmas Eve, you won’t find hotel rooms with prices below $600 per night. During the more traditional periods, from August to mid-September and from mid-November to mid-December, you can find rooms for around $150.

Anyway, it’s always crowded in Las Vegas. A famous maxim tells us that the party never stops!

The pleasure of visiting Las Vegas

It is possible to visit Las Vegas with your ESTA document. Indeed, by filling out your travel authorization application form on the Internet, you can travel to the USA without a visa.

For a maximum of 90 days, you will have the pleasure of traveling through the Nevada desert, swimming in one of the many pools of the luxury hotels, without forgetting to visit one of the many attractions in the city of Las Vegas.

There’s also no doubt that you’ll want to try your luck at the various games available in the city’s many casinos! But be careful… consume with moderation. While it is always possible to get lucky, remember that in the long run casinos almost always win.

Finally, if you feel like celebrating your presence in Las Vegas, you can head to The Mix Lounge bar located on the roof of the Delano. Fun and thrills guaranteed!