Adventure in the Northeast United States

Discover the major cities and regions of the United States by starting your journey in the Northeast. These territories lend themselves very well to a road trip by car in addition to offering an unforgettable experience to travelers. With its attractive little New England villages, its forests that change color and shape with the seasons, or its wild coastline and long natural beaches, there is something for everyone.

Chicago or “the old crime capital

Even if Chicago has managed to get rid of its bad reputation dating back to the prohibition era, it is still the city where the famous Al Capone became famous thanks to his smuggling network. But apart from some areas to avoid during the darkest hours of the night, there is no need to worry about your walks!

The city is also known for hosting an incredible number of museums with more than 70 different establishments covering almost as many themes: Art, History, Science… Chicago also has the second most parks and green spaces of any city in the United States, living up to its motto “Urbs in Horto” meaning “the city a garden”. Finally, it would be a shame not to try the local specialty of deep-dish pizza or the Chicago-Style Hot Dog, adding a large touch of greenery to the classic junk food.

Boston, the historic city

A little further north is the capital of Massachusetts, Boston! Located on the seashore, this city attracts curious history buffs. This metropolis was founded in the 17th century by English settlers, making it one of the oldest places on the continent. As such, Boston is often considered the historical and cultural cradle of the United States. Nowadays, it has become the perfect example of a city mixing the old and the new. Indeed, every street, pavement and building is steeped in ancient history, but the metropolis remains anchored in the present and the future with its seaport and its internationally renowned university: Harvard. Boston is the perfect destination for any traveler looking for history, culture and knowledge.

Canada, beautiful landscapes

Although Canada is a country in its own right, it remains the direct neighbor of the United States on its northern borders and it would be a shame not to pay a visit to our Quebec friends. For English speakers, Montreal or Quebec are cities where the majority of the population speaks French with that special accent! It will be easier for us to order a famous poutine to fight the sometimes biting cold of the country. Canada also has breathtaking scenery, especially in BANFF National Park. Between its mountains and their eternal snow, its hot springs whose temperatures go up to 38°C or its hikes in the Johnston Canyon dotted with small waterfalls, it will be necessary to give time to the place to be able to benefit from it fully. And if you are really lucky, you will be able to witness the mythical Northern Lights that light up the starry sky with a thousand colors.

For entry into Canada by land, an application for anAVE Canada is not required. However, it will be for an entry by air.