Can the ESTA authorization be used for a language stay?

In the context of language studies, you can learn English with a clear conscience thanks to your ESTA authorization, which will save you the paperwork of a visa application.

If you want to improve your English skills, going to the USA is an excellent idea and we strongly recommend it. In fact, it is recognized that American English is much easier than that of English citizens, who often have an accent that is difficult to understand.

For example, once in the U.S., you can take English classes for less than 18 hours per week. However, make sure that the courses do not exceed 90 days, which is the limit of your ESTA authorization.

Indeed, for a duration exceeding this limit, you will have to apply for a visa, which can sometimes be difficult to obtain. We bet that, in 3 months, you will already be able to improve your level in the language of Shakespeare.

Take advantage of your stay in the United States to improve your English

Whether you are in the US on vacation or sightseeing, there are certainly many opportunities to improve your English skills. Once you have the basics of a language, the most important thing is to practice! If you spend several weeks in the USA, you will certainly have this chance.

For those who wish, many schools offer language courses for foreigners on site. These courses are generally held for 3 hours a day from Monday to Friday. This will give you time to discover the wonders of the city or region where you will be based.

Find out what an ESTA authorization is

The ESTA authorization must be requested before departure. To apply, simply fill out our online form.

Be careful, of course, to pay close attention to the information provided to avoid the refusal of your application. This can happen if your information is not the same as on your passport. It is also advisable to make your request several days before your departure in case your request is pending. A hold means that the U.S. government has several days to analyze whether or not your application is acceptable.

Please note that the ESTA authorization is valid for a maximum of 2 years or until the expiration of your passport.

Once the authorization has been granted, you can enter the United States whenever you wish, as long as you do not exceed the 90-day limit. If for any reason your application is not approved, it is advisable to apply for a visa as soon as possible. However, it should be noted that refusals are very rare.

Of course, we will conclude by reminding you that the ESTA authorization request is not valid for those who plan to live and work in the USA. In this situation, you must apply for a visa right away, because an ESTA authorization does not allow you to work there.