Visit Central Park – the lungs of New York

New York is famous for so many things. Known as the most visited city in the world, it fascinates by its modernity and cultural diversity. Its immense skyscrapers impress and its largest green space, Central Park, located in Manhattan has engraved the memory and the heart of those who have visited.

Among the parks present in the five boroughs of New York, Central Park is both the largest and the best known. It covers an area of 341 hectares and is the result of 13 years of hard work by professionals and landscape enthusiasts.

Central Park is made up of several elements including large lawn areas popular with New York families, colorful gardens, wooded and wild areas populated by more than 280 species of birds and a dozen species of mammals, and a body of water consisting of simple ponds to large artificial lakes. Thus, it is with good reason that this beautiful place is referred to as “the lungs of New York.”

When to visit Central Park

Central Park is dedicated to families, sports enthusiasts, nature lovers and all those who long for peace and quiet. It offers different shows depending on the time of the year. The park is a hot spot during the summer when most New Yorkers come to sunbathe or relax under the shade of the trees.

The atmosphere is almost the same during the fall and spring, except for the decoration marked by a charming play of colors due to the flowering of the plants during the spring and the leaves of the trees that change color in the fall. And in winter, when the snow allows it, Central Park becomes a real ski resort appreciated by New York families. Everything from sledding to cross-country skiing, not to mention ice skating

How to visit Central Park

The visit on foot or by bike is recommended. Bike rentals are ubiquitous in the U.S., especially in major cities and tourist spots. Cycling through Central Parc allows you to enjoy the scenery and get to as many places in the park as possible. Don’t forget that Central Parc is huge and extends up to 4km on 800m² of surface.

Couples are usually attracted to renting a boat. It is a more romantic and original way to visit the park and enjoy a good time together.

You can easily find street-food to buy you cold drinks and enjoy good hot-dogs. There are nice restaurants where you can sit and have a drink and enjoy the beauty of the landscape. Central Parc is simply beautiful.