ESTA online form

The ESTA travel authorization application is done entirely online via the Internet.
If you have your travel documents, you can complete the form to obtain your ESTA in a few minutes.

Important: As of May 2023, it is no longer necessary to be vaccinated against the coronavirus (COVID 19) to travel to the United States.

The questionnaire to obtain the ESTA

The process of submitting an ESTA application online is divided into the following steps:
  • Go to the Department of Homeland Security website to reapply;
  • Validate the access to the form by accepting the disclaimers and the general conditions;
  • Fill in the data of the applicant and check your e-mail box to validate the contact e-mail;
  • Fill in the personal identity information (name, surname, gender, place and date of birth, parents’ identity, address, job, social profiles ;
  • Fill in the travel information, you must fill in an emergency contact and a home address during your stay in the USA;
  • Answer the eligibility questions, you can only answer yes or no. It involves answering questions honestly about your health, and others related to your history with the law;
  • To finish this ESTA form, you must reread your various information, then validate the submission of the file by paying the amount requested, by credit card or Paypal.

What to do if your ESTA application is rejected?

Applying for a visa at the US embassy is still an option if you have time before your departure to the United States of America. If the U.S. authorities refuse to issue you an ESTA, you can reapply 10 days later, but only if the rejection is due to a typing error in the initial rejected online application.

What’s the difference between an ESTA and a visa?

Although the ESTA may seem like a U.S. visa, it is not. The ESTA is an electronic pre-arrival authorization to enter the U.S., while the visa is a residence permit issued by the U.S. embassy after a specific process. Before filling out the ESTA form online, make sure you meet all the requirements:
  1. You are a citizen of one of the countries covered by the US Visa Waiver Program (VWP);
  2. You have a valid electronic or biometric passport;
  3. You wish to stay in the USA for tourism, business or transit, during 90 days maximum;