What are the must-see attractions in Florida?

With an area of 151,940 km2, the Florida peninsula is 700 km long and is bounded to the south and east by the Atlantic Ocean and to the west by the Gulf of Mexico. Its coastline is more than 1930 km long and offers beautiful beaches as far as the eye can see with pretty bays and many places to visit. With a coastline of nearly 4,000 islands, Florida is known as the home of blue water. It is one of the major tourist regions of the United States.

Not to spoil anything, Florida is far from being limited to its beaches. Apart from its unparalleled natural environment, there are several sites in Florida that you will enjoy discovering such as Disney World, an entertainment park considered a must-see by most visitors to Florida.

Discovering Miami

With nearly five million inhabitants, Miami and its region are an economic and tourist hotbed to discover. The city is also the gateway to Caribbean cruises and is easily accessible for a winter getaway or a memorable weekend.
Visiting Miami also means South Beach, unparalleled nightlife, bodybuilders and the beach. But also Little Havana, a little piece of Cuba in the middle of the city. As for hotels, there is no shortage of them in Florida and you can easily find an option that will satisfy your demands. A trip to Fort Lauderdale will also allow you to enjoy one of the many American luxury cruises available.

Going to Florida with ESTA electronic travel authorization

Anyone wishing to discover Florida from France must obtain an ESTA travel authorization before taking their flight.

To obtain this authorization, you must apply online by filling out a form and paying the fees. It is worth remembering that the authorization is not granted de facto. It can be refused as well as granted without any further process. But rest assured, rejections are still rare.

What if you don’t meet the requirements?

If, for any reason, you do not meet the requirements for ESTA travel authorization, you have a second option: to go to the U.S. Embassy to apply for a tourist visa.

Please note: Even if you meet the criteria and your ESTA application was denied due to an error or misunderstanding, you cannot fill out the application form a second time. You will have to wait ten days before reapplying for authorization. The answer of the latter always depends on the ministry in charge of immigration management.