Means of transportation to visit the United States

Visiting the United States from north to south, east to west, and through the center is a daunting task because of the immense size of the country. Follow our tips on the United States to make your life easier.

With an area of 9,370,000 square kilometers and a population of about 322 million, it is one of the largest countries in the world. Only 3 countries are bigger: Russia with 17 090 000 km2, Canada with 9 980 000 km2 and China with 9 680 000 km2.

Nevertheless, there are many means of transportation to visit the USA from one end to the other.

How to get around in the USA?

In the USA, despite the vastness of the territory, it is often possible to get from one city to another using various means of transportation: by car, by bus, by plane and, in some cases, by boat or by train. The country is very well served by numerous highways and modern airports connect the largest cities as well as the smallest hamlets.

Traveling is good, but being prepared is even better and as the saying goes: who wants to travel far, spares his mount. It is therefore important to adjust your budget with your modes of transportation.

Train, car, plane, camping car, boat, etc.

As in Europe, it is possible to travel by train in the USA. It is a modern and very comfortable means of transportation at often unbeatable rates. Once on board, you can find a restaurant with relatively affordable prices.

Another possibility is to travel by bus with a company like Greyhound. Compared to trains, this mode of transportation will often be faster and offer you more destination and schedule options. If you plan to travel very long distances, buses are a real alternative. In particular, night buses can be a great option for travelers who want to save on a night’s stay.

If you have the means, the plane will of course allow you to go even faster during your long-distance trips. All major American cities have airports with modern infrastructure.

For those of you looking to rent a utility car, there are plenty of options in the US. Airports are often filled with rental agencies. Via some websites, it is even possible to rent a car to individuals for a financial consideration that is often advantageous.

A last means of transportation that we can recommend are the campers. In fact, demand is greater than supply! In family or in couple, it is one of the privileged means of transport for your trip in American lands in mythical places as New York, Florida, etc.

A final and original way to travel is by bicycle. Visiting the USA by bike can be an extraordinary experience!