ESTA price and payment

The ESTA application is made through an online form using your valid passport.

ESTA price

The U.S. authorities have set a single fee of $21 in taxes to be paid per application since May 2022. This is the basic ESTA price.

In addition to this, you may be charged for the services of private companies to provide a professional team to verify the information provided in the ESTA questionnaire, to make any necessary changes if required, to answer your questions and to keep your file for a period of 2 years.

ESTA payment method

The registration of the application form and the payment of the ESTA are both done on a secure site. Payment for the ESTA application must be made by credit card.


The U.S. government is uncompromising when it comes to U.S. homeland security. It goes without saying that border controls are reinforced. Any trip to the USA must be accompanied by a travel authorization: ESTA or visa. Of course, the ESTA application is simpler and less expensive than a visa application. However, it is dangerous to believe that the ESTA will be given to you because you meet the eligibility requirements. A simple typing error in the form to be filled out and the ESTA can be refused.

By using a private assistance service, you ensure that all information provided is correct, which greatly reduces the risk of rejection. In addition, there is frequent online support to answer all your questions.