Apply for ESTA before booking your flight

You can apply for an ESTA at any time when you plan to travel to the USA. However, it is advisable to do so at least 72 hours before boarding.

Generally, your response will arrive promptly after you submit your request. However, this can be put on hold and, in this case, it can take up to 72 hours to obtain a final answer.

If the answer is no, your only option will be to apply for a B2 tourist visa. Although a negative response is very rare, it can take up to 3 weeks to obtain a visa.

If your ESTA application is accepted, it is valid for two years and you do not have to specify your departure date when you apply. The beneficiary may travel to the U.S. multiple times for stays of up to 90 days during those two years without having to apply for a new authorization for each trip. The authorization ends when the validity date expires. Note that, logically enough, if your passport expires before the end of the validity of your ESTA authorization, it is the expiration date of your passport that must be taken into account.

Last tip: it is recommended to apply for an ESTA even before obtaining and purchasing your airline ticket to the United States. And be sure to have the same name on the airline ticket and on the ESTA travel authorization.

Unforgettable stays in the USA according to a personalized program

For many people, this is an experience to be had at least once in a lifetime. Walking around and discovering places you are used to seeing in movies or series is something quite unique!

Several agencies offer guided tours at acceptable rates for those with the necessary budget. If this is not the case, you can set up a budget with a well-defined and personalized program.

When you know that the United States has more than 50 states spread over more than nine million square kilometers with more than 350 million inhabitants, it is easy to imagine that you will not be able to easily visit every corner of the country. You have to be a little bit selective.

Choose the sites to visit

Many experienced travelers will always recommend that you prepare your travel plan well before you leave. With this tip, you can focus more on the essentials of your tour plan rather than wasting time and energy deciding on the next place to visit.

Most visitors to the U.S. head to the beachfront locations to enjoy the cooler weather rather than the sun, but also simply because many cities of interest are located on the coast: New York, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, etc.

If you don’t feel like ‘sticking to the pattern’, you can treat yourself to a visit to Nevada, Las Vegas, where poker and other casino games await you in a friendly atmosphere. With moderation of course!